Roxy (4 year old female)

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Meet the beautiful Roxy!
Sadly Roxy’s Mum & Dad have high work demands which means they don’t have as much time for this sweet girl so have made the sensible but heart-breaking decision to rehome her.
For those of you who follow Instagram and the gorgeous Digby, well meet Digby’s Mum!
Roxy is a lovely girl with a sound temperament but is a typical Rottie at heart.
Roxy is best suited to an adult family as has never been tried around kids and is not good with cats or livestock. As any Rottie does, Roxy adores her cuddles and hanging with the family. She loves walks in the bush, is great off lead (with current owners and maybe eventually with new ones) and is great with other dogs once properly introduced.
Status: Ready for adoption
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Restrictions: Not good with cats or livestock
Dog ID: