Miss Bear (4 year old female)

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Meet Miss Bear!
Bear may be small in height but she is gorgeous and well built! She is a very sweet girl who knows her own mind but loves a good cuddle too (and kisses–don’t forget the kisses).
While we don’t know much about her past we know she has been a puppy making machine and those days are now far behind her. She is doing very well at K9 Heaven and loves hanging with the other doggies. She is a typical strong willed female so will tell off any dog that annoys her but otherwise happy go lucky.
Miss Bear while sweet would be best suited in a home with older kids as she they will need to know the rules around her. She also has a strong prey drive, so is unlikely to be good with cats or stock.
Miss Bear will need experienced owners who will spend the time training her and showing her what a good life really is!

Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Dog ID: