meet prince

Your Mr Prince Charming….

* Location: Auckland
* Male
* Age: 4yrs
* Kids: Over 8yrs
* Natural Bobtail
* No cats
poppy image
Poppy Image
Prince is a beautiful, energetic and loving dog who is looking for his furever home through no fault of his own.
He has a passion for the water and enjoys spending time at the beach and rivers. Prince loves to play with his ball and fetch sticks. He’ll happily bring them back, play with them and reluctantly give them back for another throw.
This loyal man loves to sit close to his humans, often sitting on your feet, blissfully unaware of his large size. Prince enjoys travelling in the car and is always ready for an adventure.
Mr Prince would thrive in an active home where he can get plenty of exercise and attention. He needs a family who appreciates his love for the outdoors and will include him in their adventures. Prince is ready to bring joy and companionship to his new family!

are you his furever home?