Georgie & Fred (1 year old female & 4 year old male)

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Hi there, we’re Georgie and Fred and we’re looking for a new home further to the breakup of our family. We’re the bestest of mates, so we’re really looking for someone who can take us both if at all possible.

I, Georgie, am the oldest, so it’s fallen to me to look for a new home for us both as the responsible one, but I still have heaps of energy and I love, love, love my ball! If you could throw my ball all day I’d be in heaven, especially if we did this at the beach, as I love splashing and swimming in the waves!

My brother is much happier smooching around on the couch, lazing in the sun, getting his belly rubbed and generally not doing too much. He has a major thing for chasing small things though, so cats, chicken and small dogs beware! I’m not keen on cats and chicken either, but I don’t mind small dogs myself.
And I know that the older sister always say this, but Fred needs quite a bit more training! He’s not had a lot of socialisation and would benefit from someone experienced who can take him in hand and show him the ropes, whilst recognising what a good girl I am…

We’re both great with small kids though and have been around them all our lives, so would love to find a family that would be able to take us in together and give us all the love we need in our new forever home.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Georgie (and Fred)
Adoption fees will apply. If you are interested in Georgie and Fred, please either let us know if you already have a form with us or PM or e-mail us for an application at

Status: Ready for adoption
Age: 1 year old, 4 years old
Gender: Female, Male
Medical: They will be desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and will both be registered.
Tail: Georgie is docked and Fred has his tail.
Location: They will be desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and will both be registered.
Restrictions: No cats, chicken or small dogs
Dog ID: RR20 -140 Georgie | RR20 -141 Fred