How can I help?

We do need your help and there are so many ways you can help:

Fostering is an extremely important part of helping our dogs in their next stage of finding their forever home. The pound environment is very hard on our breed as they become very fearful and can show signs of aggression which they normally wouldn’t show.

If you have the time, energy and perseverance to help a dog in need you can sign up to be a Rottie Angel.

As with all rescue dogs, there may be some behavioural issues at the start. We aim to support you through these challenges should they arise so we need to make sure that all our Rottie Angels are experienced with the breed and willing to help us work with these dogs. RRRNZ will see to the dogs medical & supplies needs however you may need to travel in order to receive these services and/or goods. Therefore you will need to have access to suitable transport. It may take several months to rehome your dog so you need to be able to give full commitment to ensure the dog gets the perfect home. This may also include people coming to see the dog or meeting people part way between.

Please take the time to consider if you have the time, energy and determination to help a dog who really needs it. Helping a dog in need is so rewarding! Your foster dog will always remember you and how much love, care and devotion you showed them.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot move dogs at the drop of a hat due to holidays or a change of heart, good foster homes are few and far between.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and it can be fun too. As we are a voluntary organisation so we need your time and skills. And most importantly if you are compassionate and respect companion animals you will be contributing to the welfare of those pets who have been discarded.

Use your skills to help us with the following:

  • Transport locally or rurally
  • Property checks and follow up checks
  • Exercising rescue dogs
  • Helping at our fun walks and expos
  • Supporting our fundraising events
  • Telling your friends about us
  • Helping us with our wish list items
  • Perhaps you know of a business or person who can donate an item to place in a raffle or silent auction at one of our fundraisers
  • Shop online at our online store

If you are interested in becoming involved please contact us for an application form. Please note a copy of your driving licence will be requested for security purposes.


You can also help us by making a donation. As all our money goes directly to dogs in need, your donation always goes to where it is needed most – to the animals.

The amazing team at Pet Kiwi have set up a list of our much needed items for the rescue. Simply follow their instructions and they will send us the donation directly.


Without the help of our wonderful sponsors, we would not be able to do it without you!  Please support them by clicking on their links.

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