Little Abbie (3 year old female)

More pics:
This poor girl has been thrown from pillar to post a bit. Originally bought to be a companion dog in a rest home however she was too full of beans. The next owner got her for breeding (she’s had one litter) however as she is a high energy dog he doesn’t want her. Luckily a kind lady stepped in and convinced him to hand her over to us.
Abbie is a small girl with good proportions and she is a very sweet smoochy dog, just loves cuddles. Will chase cats and learning to interact with other dogs as she has never really been socialised. Her only interaction was for breeding so when a dog plays she doesn’t realise what it is. Never been around kids but she is not aggressive so older kids (above her head height) will be fine.
The team at K9 Heaven are doing an amazing job with her and she is starting to understand play and learn some manners.
She needs someone willing to put some basic training work into her and you will be rewarded with the sweetest dog.
Like any Rottie cuddles are a must!
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female
Dog ID: