Loki (4 year old male)

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Due to a relationship breakdown, Loki needs to find a new home.
To date, Loki’s been an outdoor dog, but is toilet trained. Loki hasn’t had much socialisation, but has grown up with a German Sheppard that he was really good with, but is untried with other dogs and children, so would probably be best in a family without children. He’s also not good with cats or stock.
Like most Rotties, this big boofhead is an affectionate dog who wants smooches from his owners, has never shown any aggression towards people and isn’t protective of his food.
Loki would benefit from an experienced Rottie owner that can invest some quality time in him and his training to let him reach his full potential.
Status: Ready for adoption
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Male
Dog ID: