meet coco

A true Rottflower!


Age – 2 year old
Location – Auckland
Sex – Female
Kids over 8 – Yes
Dogs – Yes male only
Cats – No

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Poppy Image

From unknown Northland beginnings our Coco bud is blossoming into a true Rottflower!

She came to us wary of everyone and everything. However her amazing foster family enlisted the help of a weekly dedicated trainer and now she is becoming quite the clever, inquisitive 2year old you’d expect.

Her Staffy foster brother is the love of her life and he shows her how to play and chase and that life is great fun!

Coco is ready to meet her forever family but they’ll need to be pretty special and ideally could continue with her training. She needs a confident yet patient person who will allow her to continue to learn and trust and she would love a dog brother to adventure with. Coco loves the beach, the bush, a good walk and a mad race but any people meet and greets will need to be at Cocos pace!

If you think you are the family she’s looking for then please reach out to us.

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